Bluebird Grain Farms

We love Bluebird’s Emmer Farro.  It takes about an hour to cook, so start it first when you get into your meal preparation mode.  We like to add a little olive oil (or butter) and veggie stock to the water.  Just as when finished cooking lentils, you’re supposed to drain off the water, but we prefer to  save it, eating the emmer like a soup, or reserving the liquid for a later use, say for cooking rice.


Emmer cooking stovetop makes the whole house smell wonderful.  The flavor is nutty and a little mushroomy.  And it has a fabulous bouncy texture.  One of our favorite meals is emmer and broth, with a fried egg (or two) floated on top.  Then a big bowl of mixed greens.  One photo has sweet (and smoky) paprika, the other chipotle salt.  Both available at Slough Food!

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