Slough Food has a fabulous cheese selection.  Our deli case combines European and American favorites with our local artisan cheese producers.

Golden Glen Creamery is located just a few country miles south of town.  They produce both cheese and milk that they sell directly from the farm.  They also produce an excellent butter, which we sell here at Slough Food.  And we generously smear their butter on our ham-butter-gruyere baguette sandwiches.

Samish Bay Cheese, located one mile east of Slough Food, also sells their products directly from their farm.  Here at Slough Food, we generally carry two of their cow’s milk  cheeses:  One Year Gouda and Chipotle Cheddar.

Gothberg Farms is not open to the public, and their cheeses are available at local farmers markets and Slough Food.  We use the term ‘Real Deal’ when referring to Rhonda Gothberg.  She is impassioned, talented, and hard working.  And these qualities shine through when tasting her La Mancha Goat’s milk cheeses.  Slough Food carries her feta and fresh chevre, and her Gouda:  plain, cumin seed, and garlic-chili pepper flake.

From Port Townsend on the Olympic Penninsula comes Mount Townsend Creamery’s Trailhead Tomme and Cirrus Camembert Brie.  The Tomme style of cheeses are personal favorites.  They are straightforward, honest cheeses.  And what more can be said about Camembert Brie?  Mount Townsend’s Cirrus with fresh fruit and sparkling wine (Prosecco!) makes a simple yet elegant appetizer or dessert.

From Rogue River, Oregon, we are proud to offer Pholia Farm’sHillis Peak.  This Nigerian Dwarf raw goat’s milk cheese is aged about six months, and the natural rind is rubbed with oil and paprika. Check out their website, they have a webcam so you can see just how cute baby goats can be.

Although we occasionally bring in other selections, we always have our ‘house’ two year Cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese.  Consistently delicious, this Cheddar is creamy and a little crumbly, with that pleasing aged Cheddar bite.

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