Olympic Provisions now in Edison!

Olympic Provisions meats are now at Slough Food!  Did you see Saveur Magazines Top 100 list this January?

from Saveur issue #144:  Portland, Oregon’s Olympic Provisions makes some of the finest charcuterie we’ve tasted, from regional variations on Spanish chorizo to French saucissons to Italian soppressate. Our favorite is the Greekloukanika, aromatic with orange zest and cumin, and, like many Olympic sausages, dotted with creamy nubbins of fat thanks to the local pork used, enriched by the pigs’ diet of foraged hazelnuts.

We have brought in a few selections:

  • Pork Rillette:  confit pork shoulder meat, ginger, warm spices – delicious.
  • Mortadella:  classic deli meat; the texture alone is amazing.
  • Capicola:  again, wonderful texture, perfect heat and spice.
  • Saucisson Sec:  classic French salami with black pepper and garlic.
  • Loukanika:  Greek style salami with orange zest and cumin – love it.


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