Say Cheese!

A customer told me that when in Greece, to get you to smile for a photograph, they ask:  “Say Halloumi!”.  Even without the camera, Halloumi makes me smile.  From the Island of Cyprus, this sheep/goat’s milk cheese is a staple in many Mediteranean diets.  Halloumi makes a fabulous meat substitute.

We prepare the cheese by slicing it in long strips.



Then lay them in the non stick pan with a touch of olive oil on medium high heat.  Let them be for a couple minutes, but keep an eye on them.

You’ll see the edges brown.  With a spatula or tongs, flip ’em.



 When the other sides brown, they are ready to serve.  We usually finish them with a generous showering of fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Eat them off a platter (like fries!) for an appetizer, or, as we recently enjoyed, serve on a fresh spinach salad with a side of wild California rice.  Say Halloumi!


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