Holiday Season 2011

Here are a handful of pictures showing off Slough Food!

Whether curious if Slough Food is open, or unsure of where exactly Slough Food is, then watch for the sign!

If you’re too shy to venture in, then look no farther, this mini menu will give you an idea of what this shop holds within!

Here is the middle “island” of products, along with the cheese and meat section behind.

Lots of products are sold, and there is plenty for everyone to take a share! A large variety of delicious beverages and food await your arrival!

A large range of consumable foods are here, from Saffron to several brands of chocolate! A Buddha board for your pleasure, along with a nice stool, are here while you wait, or an order is filled.

However, some products are quickly purchased, so hurry to Slough Food if you want any of these fantastic treats!

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