platter potential

We’ll start picturing some platters before they head to their parties, so that you can get some ideas of what to ask for when ordering your very own.a recent cheese plate

Last night, these cheeses helped celebrate an office holiday party.  Starting in the top left corner, the cheeses are:  local Gotherberg Farms Gouda with garlic and chilies; local Gotherberg Farms Gouda; Mahon (young version); Gruyere aged one year; an aged Pecorino Toscano; and finally, the round is the Cirrus Camembert brie from Mount Townsend Creamery.

meat plateAlso invited to the party, this lovely meat plate entertained with Salumi’s Oregano, and the Salumi’s Mole beneath;  Molinari’s dry ‘Genoa style’ salami in the center; and Salumi’s House salami on the right side.